About Me

Aloha! I am Predrag Novaković a.k.a. Djapeman and this is my small part of the web. I was born on a beautiful spring day 25 years ago. I live in a beautiful small country in the Southeastern Europe, on the mountainous Balkan. This is a country of good, hospitable people, excellent sportsmen and great tradition, this is Serbia. I am a graduate of Graphic Engineering and Design on the Faculty of Technical Sciences, in my birth town - Novi Sad.

I'm also a founder and member of Folklore ensemble Splet and I've been in folklore, dancing and singing for almost 18 years. We travel a lot and visit many different places and countries. I have many beautiful memories from those journeys, but sometime it's hard to remember everything, and that's where photography jumps in. Freezing the moment and capturing the memory with a camera is priceless, so I fell in love with photography many years ago and I try to carry my camera and equipment almost everywhere, especially when I'm traveling.

My photography "journey" started many years ago, but about four years ago I started learning about different photography techniques and started shooting "commercial" - stock photos. Now I have respectable galleries on few stock agencies, but I work hard, as much as I can, to enlarge these galleries every day, and which is more important to improve my photography knowledge and skills.

I also like graphical design which is going to be a big part of my profession. I've been doing many web-design projects, which is my favorite part of design. Hope you will like my work in both photography and design. Also, feel free to contact me for any purpose...